Best of Bjørnar B.

My name is Bjørnar B. I love to draw and my biggest dream is to draw for Disney. (specially Donald Duck).


My interest for drawing started in the late 90's I'm now going in drawing scool and my Teacher gives me exellent grades! I was once in america I saw a lot of big mamas and a few big papas. I low to run and draw.


Early last year I went on a good 36 place in a drawing competion for swedish aged 12-17 my mum was real proud.

Guestbook Entries (17)

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# 7 - Mr Emmanuel 03/30/2018 - 15:28 - Country:
Loved the games several years ago. Best of luck to you
# 6 - Assaf 03/26/2018 - 20:27 - Country:
we love bjornar b he is our favrite drawer and also painter. we hope that maybe maybe sometime soon we will be get to reading the last rituals in "one of the greatest secret on EARTH". happyness to all the creatures who come!!!
# 5 - Carson Peck and Ben Grummon 02/14/2018 - 17:54 - Country: USA
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# 4 - Carson Peck and Ben Grummon 02/14/2018 - 17:51 - Country: USA
Great site
# 3 - Jeanna dawson 11/26/2017 - 18:01 - Country:
i played this game back in 2008 and i just remembered it out of the blue and was happy to find that this site was still up. life of d. trump 3 d. trump goes to white hous
# 2 - rex 02/28/2017 - 06:14 - Country: USA USA USA USA
Like a bird in the ashes we arise like a phonix bird. We are yet again onlline to spread great artistery and amazing computer games:)
I salute all vistiors and suggest u leave a trace in the guest book

Your sincer authority and painter
# 1 - Bjornarb 12/23/2016 - 17:33 - Country:

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Old Guestbook Entries (151)

27/11-2014 16:17 Kenzya
I have been a fan for many years at this point. Thank you so much for making these games. Me and my girlfriend love the fucking shit out of them. We're gearing up to play both games again. Seriously, these are some amazing games. Thank you so much.
07/07-2014 23:17 Video games
do you play video gmaes
30/01-2013 08:18 tenzin
can u write more about type 3 obesity.. thank you
19/05-2012 16:50 Nerth Vest
I like this one, the one has a obese and 3 types, also a rules for a long life. Please update, am almost up to 21 turns a day would like to live for a 140 year. Thank you for informations
24/09-2011 13:29 Jubalon
The games are made in Adventure Game Studio, and the music is from old Commodore 64 games and demos from the 80s and 90s. Check out the readme.txt files for more info.
07/08-2011 16:29 Jason
Amazing work. What did you make the game in? How did you make the music?
25/05-2011 05:56 I love You!
Hey This is Aweosme. This istei is AMAAZING! I would buy it from you when you don't want to pay hosting fees anymore and I will host the site! thanks farelwell! email me at it's a real address i primise you!
13/08-2010 15:12 Jubalon
Very good, Hubatus!!
04/08-2010 00:12 Hubatus
I gave Life of D duck II in a DVD case to my brother as a christmas present last christmas! I don't know if he has played it through yet though... But I sure have!
06/06-2010 18:37
Loved your games,keep up the work. Especially liked the drawings and the text was hilareous
24/11-2009 12:15 Sam
I love this website and all the work you do, you're my favourite independant game creator.
13/10-2009 12:05 Nick
well done Bjornar B i enjoy your work and games
02/09-2009 01:44 Mr Boxershorts
Bravo! The site and games are wonderful i give them 12/10 they are this good!!!
10/08-2009 14:03 amund
Hei I jest startd playng the first of your and I like it very mouch.
14/07-2009 11:55 Tane
Hahahaha this stuff is great you are pure genius. the art is like nutrition for the eye it strengthens the cornea and the iral regions
13/07-2009 11:00 davud
hey, cän you offer some drewinglessons? and when yu wörk for disni?
22/05-2009 16:31 Audun R
Evilguy: You have to left-click the link for it to work. The reason we have to host it on Mediafire is because the game's too big for our server! Hope you'll enjoy our game.
21/05-2009 22:58 evilguy
Can't download D. Duck 2. Both the links lead me to a could not find file page. I really enjoyed the first one and I look foward to playing the second! Could you re-host them?
22/01-2009 03:01 mors
Your games are excellent, I love your drawing style and humour. Is there to be a Life Of D. Duck 3?
07/01-2009 17:17 Montezuma
Kongespill! Bare fortsett med det fantastiske arbeidet!
31/12-2008 10:57 MAGNAR
14/12-2008 20:29 Rofl
03/12-2008 15:37 Alex May
Life of D Duck II is the funniest game I think I have ever played. Thank you very much for creating it.
12/11-2008 06:34 Boyland
I have always been a big fan of Carl Barks, and your work with D. Duck is great to see. I am glad that you integrate so many of your thoughts on health and nutrition into your work.
28/10-2008 17:12 Anon
gud gaem.
08/07-2008 17:33 Sergio
I honestly enjoy looking at your work. The subject matter is so creative and unique... it reminds me of the good old days of my life. Those days are gone now. :(
09/05-2008 10:49 Anders
Super gode tegninger du laver, de er helt rigtige! Når man spiller spillet bliver jeg mindet om alle de Anders And blade jeg har læst :) Du må endelig blive ved med at tegne, Bjørnar!
19/04-2008 16:20 Jon
Life of D.Duck II ser konge ut... gleder meg til det blir ferdig! Håper du jobber med det ennå. Likte godt det første spillet. Artig stil!
02/04-2008 09:18 Chef Boyardee
Bjørnar B. I am a big fan of your work.
02/04-2008 08:17 Drule
You are a very talented man.
28/03-2008 20:46 scott
hello love your pics on obesity! im currently starting a project at art college on obesity and would like to add your pictures in my research. im interested in how other people see people that are overweight .could you send me some details about yourself just so i can add them along with your great illustations . ie just who you are and a little history of how long have been illustrating. if thats ok . thank you so much really happy i stumbled across your website take care and hope to hear from you soon . keep up the great work from scott
28/02-2008 20:15 leonardo
Håper du får en jobb hos Disney snart :)
27/02-2008 06:49 dudebroman
Bjorman my niznock what is up, your sight is the bomb. Nice pics man. You make me proud to be a norwegian-american!!! keep up the good work broski.
28/11-2007 04:34 Cody
Love the game, art, everything. Thank you for being born!
03/10-2007 20:21 Alexander Holt
Ja nei! Gode tegninger. Trur jeg skal kjøpe ei T-skjorte!
28/09-2007 22:59 Emma Lybergsvik
Hehe.. super hjemmeside bjørnar! Tok en tur innpå etter tips fra erlend og kajan.. Emma =)
03/09-2007 08:53 Giant Metal Man
This site is like lolcat for artists.
02/09-2007 04:38 Jon
I'm surprised Donald do not belive in G. Bush considering he says Do not go to bed with same sex.
29/08-2007 08:37 hahaha
are you even awere of that you draw like a 3 year old?
23/08-2007 08:41 Walt Disney
Your drawings are terrible, loser.
26/07-2007 21:03 Anon
Not much on my mind today. What can I say? I've just been sitting around waiting for something to happen. But i found this site and became happy! io : dq
23/07-2007 18:32 Michael Barger
your pictures stink you freaking european faegit i hope you catch aids while ur pissing on ur mom you faegit, why dont u go fart a shit in ur dadS MOUTH U FREAKING NOOBIE BASTARD nice boobs btw
12/05-2007 13:33 jonas maurstad
Seriøst en jævla kul webside. Drittdårlige tegninger med plenty sjel. Keep it simple!
26/03-2007 22:25 Ove
Hahaha! Lo høyt og lenge!
15/03-2007 18:50 Ingrid Stensland
Var mykje løye å sjå her....
22/02-2007 08:24 Daniel Kolb
Your Donald Duck is freaking awesome!
26/01-2007 17:15 JoTeldar
nice game! looking forward to the next one X)
09/01-2007 12:57 Cecil Rhodes
E på høy tid at du bruka fransk og tysk kunnskapene dine t å legge ut kunsten din på flere språk. E overbevist om at det ville glede mange.
09/01-2007 06:55 Sarah
i recently played life of D. Duck and i think its soo awesome!! a nice storyline too!
11/12-2006 00:05 Samoht and Letsirhc
Dis is da beste side on word wide web we both have ever ever sett! Helsing Åndalsnes Sjukeheim
01/11-2006 14:49
you are right
01/11-2006 09:51 Joshua Eddleston
Could you e-mail me a walkthrough for this game? Pleaz?
25/10-2006 17:50 Kim
Something in it's own class. Special, but hey - don't we like that? Keep it up, mate!
12/09-2006 18:23 Ronny Pettersen
Hei Bjørnar.Life of D.Duck er det beste spillet jeg har prøvd.Og jeg har prøvd MANGE! Eneste som kommer opp mot dette,må vel være Sam'n'Max fra LucasArts.Keep up the good work! -Ronny
22/08-2006 00:04 André
09/08-2006 19:21 Some man.
As one striving artist to another I just think it would be great if you could give some sort of drawing lesson (how to draw D Duck step by step?) of course I do understand everything on this site is copyrighted by you, 50 years after your death.
31/07-2006 08:37 Ronny Pettersen
Hi! This have to be the coolest page I've ever seen! Talk about genius! ;-) Keep it up! Best regards
30/07-2006 15:50 mablo88
hahaha GENIALT!
26/07-2006 03:08
LAG fler SPILL spillet var skikkelig artig lag fler hahahahahahahahahahahah bra spill morro
24/07-2006 05:18 artig
SPILLET ER TØFFT!!!! , nesten like tøft som 80tallet. evig tøfft
24/07-2006 05:07 André
HAHAHAHA spillet ditt er simpelt å morsomt!! lag flere!!!
21/07-2006 22:14 LEON 5 1/2 ÅR
14/07-2006 19:35 jfjccj
Can u draw me a picture plx?= of sumthin special.. just 4 me? Of u and donald PLKx
08/07-2006 12:12 Tsumi
Well, it was fun. Despite the horrible grammar and spelling, I enjoyed the game. My brother thinks you did that on purpose, but I think it's a result of being familiar with verbal English, but not written English. Some of the lines, you really need to know Norwegian to figure out what is being said. If you are interested in presenting a product free of linguistic atrocities in the future, I offer my services as an editor.
07/07-2006 18:31 Sjt
Fucking amazing! You will probably get rich on this, god save us! get rich (on this) or die trying. Respect
07/07-2006 10:06 Slipstvang
This is a really nice site. I love youir drawings. They seem to capture the essence of Donald Duck, like i've never seen before. Your drawings are like windows into Donald Duck's soul. Keep ut the great work! Best regards Slipstvang
07/07-2006 05:12 Aditya
awesomeness're da shiz
07/07-2006 04:28 Kj
Genialt spill :D
07/07-2006 02:11 Honky_Jesus
Great stuff, laughed my butt off. Now I need a new butt.
07/07-2006 00:29 BjørnarB fan
Eple har lavt selvbilde stakkar... *trøstepå*. Du er av typen som dilter etter alle de andre. Ingen ser opp til deg, og du har ingenting du skulle ha sagt sammen med de du tror er vennene dine. Kult at du våger å avsløre det. Bra jobba iallfall, Bjørnar! Kult at noen velger å kjøre sin egen stil. Anbefaler alle å prøve Life of D Duck-spillet. Det er ikke så tett som mange sikkert tror:D
06/07-2006 22:34 Cecilie
Haha, dette er noe av den råeste sida jeg har sett noen sinne. =D Stå på. ;)
06/07-2006 18:08 Anonymus
LOL! very good!!
06/07-2006 14:14 Eple
Dette er noe av det mest latterlige jeg har sett. Legger du skriblerinene dine ut på nett med den eneste hensikt å provosere? Jeg kan ikke skjønne og begripe at du virkelig vil legge dem ut. Ikke er dem festlige eller bra tegnet. Du kan egentlig bare gå og grave deg ned. Du eier ikke talent og med den streken tviler jeg du noen gang kommer til å få noe heller.
06/07-2006 12:39 hekta
i can't find a girlfriend for the squirrel - help?
06/07-2006 01:03 DaSukkerBukkeRulleTulleStolMannMedMelkerullUnderHjørnetanna
You make me really confident on my drawing skills. Thanks so much mon... Great artistic use of the dreijahre style. It may even be a zweijahre. You have really captured the clumsyness of D.Ducks character in a ehh.. some sort of way... *drumsolo, clapping and all that other stuff*
05/07-2006 18:23 Andreas
Hehe, grattis m link på dagbladet!!:)
05/07-2006 13:37 me
05/07-2006 12:14 Anon
Good work Bjørnar
05/07-2006 11:13 Anon
05/07-2006 11:00 Kenneth
fy FAEN så nice!!! du e jo like flink som Kristoffer Schau! :D Keep on the good work (Y)
05/07-2006 03:01 Oddgeir D. Stornes
Avskaff monarkiet og inn med Bjørnar som president! Dette var rett og slett bare helt genialt! Får jeg spise hjernen din og bruke skinnet ditt etterpå?
04/07-2006 14:48 Eyy
04/07-2006 13:37 Per
I love you
04/07-2006 12:30 hårek den hardbalne
ajajaj dette sugde steinart
04/07-2006 10:50 moa
Genialt, rett og slett genialt!
04/07-2006 09:46 Anfred Gheiger
04/07-2006 01:22 Well...
Gud bedre så mange skrivefeil dere har.. Eller er det meningen at det skal matche tegningene deres?
04/07-2006 01:21 erlend
very nice site, Bjørnar! Still do this genius work ;)
04/07-2006 01:18 Bugenhagen
Superextrafantastic site!! I love the Knut Borge-pictures since I have always been a huge fan of him. What about doing some Torkjell Berulfsen-drawings too?
04/07-2006 00:20 ToJo
omg, you're so sweet=)<3
04/07-2006 00:18 el homer del dreit
You rule! why did you stop updating? Disney arrested you?
04/07-2006 00:05 sven
HEHEHE it ownz :D
03/07-2006 23:47 baggy-b
03/07-2006 22:14 Kasper
Good work! Ithink it's a very cool web side. Though I'm kind of mad, I really think that everyone could lesrn something og this.. How old are you really. 'Cos you seem good to draw the figures in D.D & Co. Go on!! You've made it..
03/07-2006 21:37 hellloooo;P
hello, is this good? how old are you? look at the first picture you meet when entering the site, IT SUCKS! hellooo ..... ?!?!??
03/07-2006 21:28 omfg
03/07-2006 19:49 llllll
Good shit
03/07-2006 19:03 Urk
Verste dritten jeg har sett!!!! Blæææææææææææææææææææææææææææææææææææ
03/07-2006 14:34 Odd André
I love the humor in the game! Great website! Keep up the good work!
03/07-2006 13:50 DK
Utrolig morsomt spill dere har laget. :-)
03/07-2006 13:08 Pål
I like this site very much. Your drawings remind me of my own drawings, but yours are much better ofcourse! Keep up the good work!
03/07-2006 02:18 Joe
Life of D. Duck is one of my favorite point and click adventure games. I can't wait to see what's next!
02/06-2006 16:43 yeah
Wanna get married?
21/05-2006 05:13 joban
dumbest game ever in the world
04/05-2006 05:55 james
ha h ai hate this fuckin@$## game
03/05-2006 05:47 kaite
i cant find out to ge the face on the sock help!!!!!
27/04-2006 02:13 ben
awsome!!! best game eva!!!!
08/04-2006 05:05 James
Would be perfect if the spelling/grammar was...
20/02-2006 23:13 Stian
Are you for real?!
17/02-2006 16:58 hazelnut!
16/02-2006 22:14 heh
10/02-2006 20:59 Aneurexorcyst
Do you have stairs in your house?
10/02-2006 18:08 fagboss
why does the duckasaurus paper have feces on it?
31/01-2006 01:19 Flu
Hei Bjørnar B. Best of Bjørnar B skal være ferdig til Small Press Expo i Stockhom i slutten ta mars. Kris tar kontakt med dere. Jøff!
23/01-2006 21:16 Bjornar B
Hei Mads jeg gåve inn politiken når min næse have vokse enda noen centimetre og mine buser er store som seigmenn
20/01-2006 23:06 Bjornar B
Extensive Extensive Extensive.

I Bjornar B now also declares that tis guestbook is also an official nessageboard were we can discuss fine art and meaning of life and the deeper aspects of the enviroment. Also I want to make it official that I have.......... (to be contintued)

Hei du som kjenner Kristoffer mas på han slik det blir utgitt bok av våre arbeider jeg venter også spenning men har ikke hatt kontakt med Dongrey på lenge.

Also I want to send out tribulitons to my extensive moderator and good person Audun may he be blessed.

This is an extensive side please put links in emalis and internetpages, let the people of the world see the deeper aspects of the enviroment.

om those who posts on this side not to pollute it bad words and harmful attitudes.

Thank yuo from humid and happy artist Bjornar
18/01-2006 14:45 mads
yo bjørnar. super site du har her! har gennemført life of d. duck. jeg kan virkelig godt lide tegningerne. går du ikke snart ind i politik så man kan stemme på dig?
08/01-2006 21:53 Krinkle
I played your game and it was the best new adventure game of this year and last year too. I would give you a high-five through the internet if I could!
08/01-2006 16:32 Flu
Kjære, kjære Bjørnar B og Audun. Jeg elsker det nye spillet. Ble trist når det var ferdig, for det var så vidunderlig å være inni D.Duck universet. Det er på tide vi gir ut Best of Bjørnar B, vi har hatt så lyst til å gi den en skikkelig pen innpakning, og ikke bare en sånn billig fanzinelook, så derfor har det tatt tid, men å vente til vi har penger nok til å gi ut noe dølekkert, er kanskje fåfengt. Men dere er vel i dialog med Kristoffer om dette. Lenge leve Bjørnar B og hans asistent.
08/01-2006 15:51 kujeger
Genialt :)
08/01-2006 04:58 U. Jam
Hello bjornar b. I really like your drawings and the new game is excellent I've played it twice!
13/09-2005 03:58 Anon
portal... to hell.. :(
24/08-2005 20:00 Novicane
Never have I been witness to such mastery of the arts put to paper.
24/08-2005 12:25 Graebob
Dear god, this is awesome. However, in the cartoon D Duck Waters the Flowers, why is it watering the flowers with a can from its prehensile penis? why would it do that? WHY BJORN!!!
29/07-2005 22:03 Bijaner M
Yo, Are names are lamsot the same, YOU ROCK !
29/07-2005 22:01 bLAKE
29/07-2005 21:56 Anon
I hope you arent for real
20/05-2005 17:42 Anon
This drawings sucks! A 3 year old could have done this man!! and the worst thing is to put this shit on a website....
19/05-2005 20:27 sinnadyr
was there like 36 parcipians in that competition?
15/05-2005 12:22 John
tja läget! great page, the finest d. duck drawings i have ever seen! your comic strips makes me rofl kthxbye
15/05-2005 12:18 b to the oppe
02/05-2005 23:25 hardmouse
i would love to see some more work on here! your drawings are amazing. you should make a picture of d duck arm wrestling uncle jubalon
27/04-2005 12:23 Sandeep
Hello, Please to draw donald duck embrace mickey like hot love. Fantasy of I forever.
31/03-2005 13:44 Tom
How old did you say you were? The Bjornar B I know, is closer to thirty than to ten... Just wondering!
02/03-2005 23:14 joel
Hello Bjornar! I have enjoyed viewing your webpage! Especially the essay on British politics through the eyes of a Norwegian
09/02-2005 20:56 Hei Bjørnar
So flinke du e... -Kjerstin- :)
04/02-2005 13:51 lucas
Like these
28/12-2004 19:34 Thomas
Kjempe flott side. Elsker D.Duck!!!
22/12-2004 02:53 arogon son of alfred
brings a tear to my eye!
28/11-2004 17:22
Dette er fortsatt den beste sida på heile internett, på tide å tegne meir snart
28/11-2004 17:19 Bjornar B
Hei Audun, Bjørnar her ka å kor i allverden driv og er du med fortida. Hilsen Bjørnar
25/10-2004 16:11 bjodnen
Wow, you sure draw very nice!! keep up the gudd work. I think you should draw a uncle scrooge cartoon:P
08/05-2004 13:51 nhaahhaha
01/04-2004 19:43 Fleaopatra
Genius. Friggin' genius.
27/03-2004 07:44 kari nordmann
your drawings rock!
19/02-2004 06:35 MantaGSi
Hehe cool man, looks like this site is pretty popular. I like the hard-case drawings. On Disney - some new talent is needed, good luck! :)
26/01-2004 13:27 The Extreme Potato
Simply Genius.
17/01-2004 01:27 kristoffer
i still love your work bjørnar. please do more.
01/01-2004 21:28 omg
You da man!
19/10-2003 21:05 clark
OMG ur so aweseome I COULD NEVA DRWA LIKE DAT!!!11 hey could u draw 1 of mah RPG charries for mi??? her name is anna and shes pretty LOL she wears a black dress n has boots n long silva hair cuz shes a vamp!!!11 kthx
29/09-2003 03:39 Brian Rumsey
I love this web site.


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